What is Move to the Groove?

Move to the Groove is an award-winning dance fitness program that makes exercise less like gym class and more like a playground. Created by Rhex Arboleda, a music teacher from Neenah, Wisconsin, the program targets childhood obesity and is actively being used in several elementary schools. Learn more

Video of Extreme Makover Home Edition - Moving to the Groove!

Who should Move to the Groove?

EVERYONE! Kids, teachers, parents and the entire family can benefit from this fitness program. Childhood obesity is a widespread epidemic and the solution can be something fun and exciting … so let’s “Move to the Groove”!

How can I Move to the Groove?

Official Dance Steps

Download the Official Dance Steps

Music News

The "Move to the Groove" theme song is now on iTunes. The Move to the Groove CD and DVD are now available . Please continue to check the Move to the Groove Facebook page in the box at the right for events and other news.

Now you can buy Move to the Groove CDs and DVDs!

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Today's Healthy Tip

Make healthy snacking easy!

When hungry, one rarely takes the time to prepare a healthy snack. Instead, we often reach for whatever is available – healthy or not. Unhealthy snacking can have an impact on academic performance, energy levels, and weight. Prepare for those snack attacks by having fruit and vegetables pre-cut and packed in Tupperware. When healthy choices are frequently accessible, kids make a habit of reaching for them instead of empty calorie snacks like soda, chips, or cookies.