What is Move to the Groove?

Move to the Groove is an award-winning dance fitness program that makes exercise less like gym class and more like a playground. Created by Rhex Arboleda, a music teacher from Neenah, Wisconsin, the program targets childhood obesity and is actively being used in several elementary schools.

But Move to the Groove isn’t only for children; it is for the entire family or the entire school! Move to the Groove demonstrates healthy choices to students and their families. It helps everyone understand the relationship between activity, exercise, nutrition and health.

Advanced research indicates that there is a direct relationship between physical activity, brain development and cognitive performance. Not only that! Physical activity programs are linked to increased concentration and improved reading, writing and math scores.

There are so many benefits for our children to “Move to the Groove”! Get moving! Be the example that your children and students want to follow.

About Rhex

Rhex Alboreda

Rhex is a Catholic grade school music teacher and the proud father of five children. He has been awarded national, state and local awards for his work and the “Move to the Groove” program. Rhex holds a Masters degree in music education, is active in his local church and is passionate about getting kids active in a fun and approachable manner to prevent childhood obesity. Through Move to the Groove, Rhex has combined his passion for music and fighting childhood obesity into a successful and easily accessible program.

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Only 21% of young people eat the recommended five or more servings of fruits and vegetables each day and nearly half of all vegetable servings are fried potatoes.

U.S. Department of Health & Human Services

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